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All of the K9BAR repeaters are OPEN repeaters with emergency power if needed.  Any licensed Amateur Radio Operators are welcome on these repeaters and are encouraged to use them.  We ask that you please be courteous, respectful, and follow good operating procedures while using the repeaters. We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse and misconduct. 

BARS VHF 2 m REPEATER - 147.330 | + 600 KHz Offset | 107.2 PL
Status:  UP - LINK ENABLED  with 440 / 70 cm  (443.525) BARS REPEATER




The K9BAR 147.330 Repeater is the designated SKYWARN Spotter System for the National Weather Service during severe weather.  BARS operates several Nets here weekly.  This is a conservative plotted map.  This is realistic coverage for mobiles with 2db gain antennas and 25 watts of power.  Base Stations will have good coverage well outside this plot.

BARS UHF 440 / 70 cm REPEATER - 443.525 | + 5.0 MHz Offset | 114.8 PL - Status:  UP - LINK ENABLED with 2 m (147.330) BARS REPEATER




The K9BAR 443.525 Repeater was designed for optimum receive/transmit range on an HT.  You should have no problem accessing it inside a vehicle within 10-15 miles from its location.  Mobiles with external antennas with at least 3db gain and 20 watts will have excellent coverage even well beyond this plot.  This Repeater is very good for SKYWARN and ARES operations.

BARS VHF 220 REPEATER - 224.540 | - 1.6 MHz Offset | 110.9 PL - Status:  UP  




The K9BAR 224.540 Repeater is a low power, wide coverage system for "Rag Chewing".  Check out our 220 Roundtable Rag Chew on Wednesday evenings at 8pm.  It is the perfect place for low cost HT's like the Wouxun, and Baofeng and Mobile/Base stations like the Jetstream, Alinco, and Vintage 220 radios from the 80's and 90's.  Help us keep 220 alive!

BARS UHF DMR REPEATER - 443.700 | + Offset | Color Code 1, TS1 & TS2 - Status:  UP




The K9BAR 443.700 MHz UHF DMR digital Repeater, part of the DMR-MARC network, is functional and operating in Bolingbrook! The coverage as displayed above is optimistic and was calculated assuming a 3 db gain antenna on the repeater. The actual gain characteristics for the antenna currently in use is unknown. The 443.700 repeater's coverage is good for Bolingbrook and may be marginal for surrounding areas.

Yellow is typical portable, green is most optimistic. Cyan and blue is mobile coverage. Typically if you have a signal strength of -95 dBm


K9BAR 443.7 +5 MHz Color Code 1

Time Slot Talkgroup Name Area Activation
1 8 Tri-State 11 Repeaters in IL, IN, WI PTT with 10 min inactivity timeout
2 3 North America North America PTT with 10 min inactivity timeout
2 9 Talk Linked Reflector 24/7
2 13 Worldwide English Worldwide 24/7
2 4XXX* Reflectors Various 1st PTT
2 4000 Disconnect Local Repeater 1st PTT
2 5000 Status Local Repeater 1st PTT

* View Reflectors Here

DMR+ Reflector Instructions

DMR List Last Updated as of 4/17/2017


Refer to the DMR-MARC networked repeater map for other repeaters in the area!

Additional information about DMR radio can be found on the
DMR-MARC website. Click on DMR-MARC to go there!


While it is understandable that every ham wants to play with their new toy as soon as they get it, it is strongly suggested that you should learn all you can regarding programming your DMR radio.  A radio codeplug obtained from someone else will almost never be quite what you wanted or need. Therefore knowing the nuances to radio programming will minimize making mistakes and confusion. Feel free to ask any BARS member on DMR for help!

It is also suggested that you learn as much as you can about the networks that make up the worldwide DMR network. Knowing your equipment and how the network operates will make your experiences on the DMR network a much more enjoyable one.