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 Our Next Club Meeting Is:

at 7:30pm



The Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society meets on the 3rd Monday of each month. There is no club meeting in the month of December. In December we hold our Annual Holiday Dinner Party in lieu of the club meeting.

Meetings are held at Fire Station #5 which is located at 1900 Rodeo Drive, Bolingbrook, IL 60490. The meeting starts at 7:30PM in the community room. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings! Refreshments are available at all meetings!






Monday - Feb. 15, 2021   –  LIVE FT8 Demonstration
     Presented by:  Jaye, W9CY
    Jaye, W9CY will give a live demo on FT8 operation.  The use of WSJT-X will be demonstrated including using the alerting program JT Alert. How automatic logging and spotting with a logger will be covered. 
Monday - Mar. 15 2021   –  First HF Antenna 
     Presented by:  Jaye, W9CY
     Jaye, W9CY will give a presentation on an example first HF antenna installation.  Focus will be on simplicity and basic issues such as antenna types, attachment, coax choices, etc.  The goal is to get something up to get on the air. 
Monday - Apr. 19, 2021     Topic - TBD
    Presented by:  

For a Printable Copy of BARS Club Information & Map - Click PDF File >  HERE



As many of you know, currently, there is Road Construction going on in front of Fire Station # 5, on both Rodeo Drive and the Road directly in front of the Fire Station.   Because our BARS Members use and need access to the Sever Weather Radio Station equipment located in the back room of FS # 5, the Bolingbrook Fire Department is allowing BARS continued access to FS # 5 during this road construction project.   The BARS Board decided to continue to use Fire Station # 5 for our Monthly Meetings at 7:30 PM (and the VE Testing Session at 6:00 PM) as normal.   

The Bolingbrook Fire Department Administrations Office has instructed BARS - IF the road in front of FS # 5 and/or the main parking lot is tore up or in a condition where you do not want to drive your vehicle through it, we can park either in the small parking lot located to the East of the FS off Rodeo Drive, -or- we can park on one of the neighborhood side streets.  This would mean you have to walk to the Fire Station.  If you need to do this, and you are unable or expect you'll have difficulty walking the distance, please request assistance and someone can shuttle you to the fire station.   

(If you do need to park elsewhere, we suggest if you can walk the distance easily, to please park on the neighborhood streets.  Leaving the small parking lot for those who may not be able to walk as easily as you).  

If during this construction time the BARS Board decides to move the location of our meeting, as before, a Notice will be posted on the Main Home page of the BARS website.  If the decision is made at too late of time to notify people, there will be someone posted at Fire Station # 5 to redirect people to the new location.  (presuming you haven't already received the information On-Air from listening on the repeater).  

Thank you for being understanding and flexible during this road construction situation.

- BARS Board. 


BARS is always looking for amateurs that have a knowledge of a particular area of interest in amateur radio. If you are comfortable in discussing your area of interest in amateur radio with your fellow hams, we would like to hear from you! 

A BARS club meeting presentation is a great way to share your knowledge in amateur radio as well as educating those that may want to know more about the topic you will present. Please send your suggestions for a topic of discussion and your availability to webmaster 'at'