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MOTOROLA MOTOTRBO PART NUMBERS TO KNOW ABOUT - not all inclusive (will be updated as time permits)


 Motorola Mototrbo Dealers (HAM friendly)

North Georgia Communications -- Ken Bryant, K1DMR -- 706-896-0000

The website page listed below would be of great interest to hams interested in obtaining Motorola radios and accessories at a fair price. (I have nothing but good things to say about my transactions with Ken. He has always taken the time to answer my questions and provide quotes as needed in a professional manner. Shameless personal endorsement by Adam, KE4ENH)



Customer Programming Software related part numbers

MOTOROLA ONLINE - https://businessonline.motorolasolutions.com

(you must register with Motorola to create account)

Call number below to create your account over the phone.

Motorola Customer Care:  Phone number: 1-800-814-0601

You will be required to accept two legal agreements and verified before Motorola will allow you to purchase items through MOL. Not all items are available to you, some are dealer purchase only. So inquire with your "ham friendly" dealer, sometimes their pricing would be better and you get support should anything goes wrong.


Note that the process to obtain Mototrbo CPS AND the wideband entitlement key you need, takes a few weeks to complete. There is no instant gratification in this process! Call or place order, then follow up with another phone call three to four days after. You may not always get a email reply, so following up with a phone call after a reasonable time period will make sure things were not dropped or there may have been an issue that requires additional information from you.

Motorola Customer Care is a point of contact for the many groups that bear responsibility for the different things that you will need prior to making your first order on MOL and to have wideband channel programming in CPS. Be patient and understanding, remember this is a large corporation with many parts / groups.

The Mototrbo CPS will program the entire Mototrbo product line, a great value if you consider you will have access to copyrighted software and documentation. The subscription entitles you to any software updates, radio firmware updates, and documentation. The Mototrbo System Planning Guide document will answer all questions about a Motorbo system in its many configurations. You will still have the right to program your radios with your software after the subscription expires, you just lose access to future software and radio firmware updates.


All the materials and software from Motorola are copyrighted. Motorola has been known to vigorously protect their copyrighted intellectual property. Please do NOT ask for a copy of the software or where to obtain it illegally. It is legally available only through Motorola, and BARS encourages you to to obtain a legal copy for your use.


This list of part numbers should help in the process as Motorola Customer Care representatives support a large product list.


CURRENT MOTOTRBO CPS VERSION as of 8/2016 - 13.5 Build 679

CPS part number alpha versions -- AM = 13.5, AL = 13.0, AK = 12.1, AH = 11.5, AG = 11.0, AF = 10.7, AE = 10.5, AD = 10.0


CPS (Customer Programming Software)

PURCHASED SOFTWARE,CPS R11.5 GLOBAL MOTOTRBO DVD. 3 year DVD subscription, last two letters will change with each version update.



3 year download only subscription


FCC NARROWBANDING MANDATE TRAINING under Training | LMS Learning Center on the Motorola Online site. The training indicated it will take three business days after training completion to get the entitlement. LMS Learning Center is handled by a different group so be patient while Customer rep sets up  your account. You must complete this course prior to ordering free wideband entitlement key! Once you have certificate of completion, then Motorola also has to set you up as eligible to purchase HKVN4046A through MOL.


20/25 KHZ CH BW LIC (MOTOTRBO), aka wideband entitlement key on forums. Motorola calls it EID, Entitlement ID. You must complete video training PRD0001.01E - FCC NARROWBAND MANDATE TRAINING to be eligible to purchase (free, no charge) thru Motorola Online. This EID works on CPS 10.0 and later. Make sure you order an extra key as backup, as an entitlement key may be lost when installing a new revision of CPS. I have had this happen. I've also heard that one person handles the EIDs, so be patient. Most times you will receive an email within 24 hours after placing your order on MOL.  - KE4ENH

ADD --- Uninstalling older version and then installing new version of CPS will maintain 20/25 KHZ CH BW LIC (MOTOTRBO) EIDin CPS. Installing new version over  an older version does not seem to keep the 20/25 KHZ CH BW LIC (MOTOTRBO) EID in place. Firmware packages will still be on computer as well. - KE4ENH

Additional information -- Once you program with a later release of CPS software (which also updates the codeplug version in the radio), you can not go back to a earlier version. Example if you program your radio with CPS 12.1, you can not program the radio with an earlier version such as CPS 8.0 (well not easily, unless for some reason you want to downgrade everything and lose some fixes and features that were enabled through firmware updates too). Also some radio firmware versions are only supported by certain versions of CPS as well. This is something to consider if you are buying a radio from an individual, as this may impact your ability to program your radio if you do not have readily available access to the correct version of CPS for programming the radio.

CAUTION! I know this is a repeat, but I can not stress how important this can be. -- Adam, KE4ENH

Some radio firmware updates require the use of a certain version of CPS to read and write the codeplug to the radio. Make sure you know, before you begin programming your radio or anyone elses! This can very well impact your fellow ham, if you update the radio firmware for them. Know and understand which firmware release correlates with which CPS version! If they are using an older CPS version than yours to program their radio, this will impact their ability to make changes in the codeplug and require them to upgrade their CPS.



Mototrbo Portable part numbers


Mototrbo Portable programming cable


XPR 6550, 7550 Portable programming cable. Must be used for updating firmware in the radio. Avoid older "A" version cables.


Mototrbo Portable radios


XPR 7550 portable radio, UHF, 403-512 MHZ , 4 Watts, Channel Capacity 1000 Channels, IP Rating        IP 57 (Water Proof), Radio Display.  

  All XPR™ 7550 portable models include: IMPRES™ Li-ion 2150mAh Battery (PMNN4409), IMPRES Single-Unit Charger (WPLN4232), UHF or VHF Antenna of choice, 2.5" Belt Clip (PMLN7008), Accessory Dust Cover , Two Year Warranty, One Year Repair Service Advantage 

and Quick Reference Guide / Safety Booklet. [GEN 2.0 radio]



XPR 7550 [GEN 2.0 radio] part numbers


IMPRES SPEAKER MIC, one orange button & 3.5mm audio jack. Supports Intelligent Audio Feature and Windporting.




7.4V LITHIUM ION BATTERY 2700MAh 20Wh (largest capacity battery at the moment. Used on APX series radio. - KE4ENH)


7.4 LITHIUM ION BATTERY, Intrinsically Safe, 17Wh


UHF STUBBY ANTENNA, 440 - 490 MHz, green color


Standard UHF slim antenna, 403 - 527 MHz range, orange color


TEXT TO SPEECH for CH ZONE PB TM JT, Optional feature for 2nd Generation Mototrbo radios. Firmware R02.40.00 and later supports this feature. Inquire about price and availability for your model radio through your favorite Motorola dealer.




MotoTrbo Mobile part numbers



XPR 5550 UHF, 403-470 MHz, 25-45 Watts (HIGH POWER), 1000 Channels. [GEN 2.0 radio]


Mototrbo Mobile programming cables


Motorola OEM Programming Cable APX MotoTRBO XTL5000 O5 "USB" -- USB port to control head via through the GCAI connector on the front face (FRONT PANEL MIC CONNECTOR JACK). XTL5000 High Power, XTL 5000 with 'O5' Control Head XTL2500, XTL1500, PM1500 and MotoTRBO Mobile Series XPR 4500, 4550, 4580, 4300, 4350, 4380, 5350, 5550. MotoTRBO DGM 4100, 4100+, 6100, 6100+. Also programs APX 7500 and APX 6500 Mobiles. Handy cable to have so you can update firmware or program mobile radio if the transceiver is remote mounted in your vehicle.


Connects to Accessory port (USB to Accessory port cable) at rear of transceiver or repeater, Used on XPR4350 XPR4550 XPR5550 XPR5350, XPR8400


XPR 4550 [GEN 1.0 radio] part numbers

Consider updating to the latest formware release from Motorola. R01.12.17 - has audio fix that will closely approximate Gen 2.0 radio audio quality.




XPR 4550 mounting bracket






O-Ring, White (on mic head) (for RMN5065B)




Installation Hardware (screws for bracket and wing nuts for radio)


Alternate control buttons (pictograms versus P#)


Accessory connector with pins and pin extractor tool, get this to make your own PMKN4010B USB programming cable, use to connect an external speaker, or hookup ignition sense lead to power on and off the radio.

Want to make your own programming cable? Google search for instructions. Verify connections before use, as one lead has +5 volts DC! 



XPR 5550 [GEN 2.0 radio] part numbers

Consider this mobile unit if you are also planning on purchasing the DTMF mic option. This radio with DTMF mic will make it much easier to use in a mobile environment as the DTMF mic gives you the ability to scroll through the menus and select memory channels without having to use the front panel up and down buttons.


Hardware pack


XPR 5550 mounting bracket


DTMF KEYPAD MIC, not the same as the XPR4550 DTMF mic. This mic has a 4 way rocker button switch. Advantage is that you are able to scroll through menus and also memory channels with the mic. Also gives user the ability to compose text messages as needed. Use to input new contacts as well.