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DMR websites – a list of helpful DMR related websites.

BARS has chosen to provide links to other very good DMR resources than to try and “re-invent the wheel”. The websites listed below have very good information about DMR and the network for the organization. 

The various DMR organizations have worked to provide a digital network for the benefit of the amateur radio community at large. All amatuer radio oerators benefit when everyone learns the technical aspects of the DMR network, practices good amateur radio operating procedures. Above all, respect the effort that was expended in making the DMR system available to you!

Every organization has their own rules and talkgroup time slot configurations for their respective systems. The talkgroup timeslot configuration may change as the network admins attempt to balance out the use of each timeslot.

Read and gather information about a network before you use it to ensure you are operating within the DMR network’s established guidelines.

If you encounter any non-working web links, please advise the webmaster so that it may be corrected or removed. Thank you!


DMR Association          http://dmrassociation.org/



Sites of interest for the Chicagoland area

TriState DMR                                                    http://www.tristatedmr.org/

DMR-MARC – Illinois                                          http://www.dmr-marc.net/

Chicagoland Control Center                                 http://chicagoland-cc.org/

DCI Mototrbo Amateur Radio Group                      http://www.trbo.org/

DMRX experimentation and Discovery                   http://dmrx.net/



Sites of interest in North America

VA3XPR – Toronto, Canada                                  http://www.va3xpr.net/

VolNet – DMR in the State of Tennessee                http://www.volnetdmr.org/news.html

SC Heart – South Carolina DMR                           http://scheart.us/irlp_web/main/?page_id=1169

K0USY – Kansas DMR                                        http://k0usy.strikingly.com/#home

New England Digital Emergency Comm Net           http://www.nedecn.org/

North Carolina PRN network                               http://ncprn.net/

Hoosier DMR – Indiana                                      http://hoosierdmr.net/index.html

Utah DMR                                                        http://www.dmr-utah.net/

Rocky Mountain Mototrbo – Colorado                    http://www.rmham.org/wordpress/mototrbo-radio-site-information

K4USD Network - Georgia and nearby                http://www.k4usd.org

NorCal - Brandmeister Network               http://norcal-brandmeister.org  - this site also has the audio meter to help you set mic gain! Must use Google Chrome browser!



Sites of interest outside of North America

UK BrandMeister DMR network     http://www.gb7rr.co.uk/joindmr.html