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Weekly Information & Traffic Net – Check-Ins

 The K9BAR Repeater Systems:  –  2 meter:147.330 + Offset, PL Tone -107.2   and the    440/7c: 443.525 + Offset, PL Tone -114.8  are linked on Transmit and Receive.  The BARS Weekly Information and Traffic Net is held every Thursday evening at 8 pm central time.

(2-m) 147.330 ↔ 443.525 (440/7c)

K9BAR – Net Check-Ins 

Thursday  – January 11, 2018 

# Call Sign Name Location
 0  KC9UTC  Scott   Joliet  Net Control     
 1  KC9HH  Harold  Crest Hill    
 2  K9NYO  Rob  Westmont   
 3  KD9GUG  Nick  Naperville   
 4  K9BBQ  Matt  Manhattan   
 5  K9NAX  Cyndi  Naperville  Vice President
 6  W9WSS  Will   Westmont  Repeater Trustee
 7  W9QB  Lance  Oswego   Director
 8  AA9JS  Gary  Naperville   
 9  K9LAE  Vern  Bolingbrook
 10  KD9IDK  Sharon  Aurora
 11  W9DWP  Paul  East Dundee  (VERA NCO)
 12  W9KM  Andriy  Naperville
 13  KA9LFU  Bill  Villa Park
 14  W9EDK  Ed  Woodridge
 15  WA9IQL  Elden  Bolingbrook
 16  W9JB  Jim  La Fox  (NTS)
 17  KD9JRO  Richard  Franklin Park
 18  KE9NT  Ralph  Homer Glen
 19  K9NAC  Niko  Aurora
 20  KD9IKQ  Jeremy  Plainfiled
 21  KD9HOK  Greg  Madison
 22  N9QGW  Jaye  Naperville

Thanks to everyone who checked into the Weekly Information & Traffic Net


Any omissions of Weekly Net Check-Ins are unintentional.

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