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Weekly Information & Traffic Net – Check-Ins

 The K9BAR Repeater Systems:  
–  2 meter:
147.330 + Offset, PL Tone -107.2   and the  
  440/7c: 443.525 + Offset, PL Tone -114.8  
are linked on Transmit and Receive. 
(2-m) 147.330 ↔ 443.525 (440/7c)

The BARS Weekly Information and Traffic Net is held every Thursday night at 8 PM (20:00) Central Time.

K9BAR – Net Check-Ins 

Thursday  – Decembe 13, 2018

# Call Sign Name Traffic Location
 0  KD9LDD  Greg  NCO  Bolingbrook
 1  AB9PH  Rudy  N  Plainfield
 2  KD9LZS  David  N  Elburn
 3   N9ANL  Anthony  N  Rt 55 & 83 
 4   N9AE  Brian  N  Naperville
 5  W9WSS  Will  N  Westmont
 6  W9QB  Lance  N  Oswego 
 7  K9NAX  Cyndi  N  Naperville
 8  K9NYO  Rob  N  New Lennox
 9   W9EDK  Ed  N  Woodridge
10  N9QGW  Jaye  N  Naperville
11  KD9JWV  Hunter  N  Monee
12  N9LMZ  Brandon  N  Westmont
13  KD9IKS  Tom  N  Naperville
14  KE9NT  Ralph  N  Homer Glen
15   WB9IWT   Leif  N  Plainfield
16  KD9JBU  Joe  N  Oswego
17  KD9LEN  Jeff  N  Plainfield
18  W9CV  Ralph  N  Plainfield
19  W9CDK  Chris  N  Naperville
20  KA9TAP   Jack  N  Cedar Lake, IN
21  KD9IKQ  Jeremy  N  Plainfield
22  KD9HOK  Greg  N  Madson
23  KC9UWU  Karen  N  Homer Glen
24  KC9UWV  Todd  N  Homer Glen
25  KD9JUQ  Elber  N  Elburn
26  N1NSA  Samuel  N  Batavia
27  KA9LFU  Bill  Y  Villa Park
28  KD9ICA  Shawn  N  Crete
29  K9AHJ  Adam  N  Locport

Thanks to everyone who checked into the BARS Weekly Information & Traffic Net

We look forward to your check-in again next Thursday !

*Are you interested in being a BARS Net Control Operator (NCO) ?   
It takes about 45 minutes on a Thursday night, with a 3 week rotation.
If interested - Please Contact BARS Net Chairman:  Scott, KC9UTC 


Any omissions of Weekly Net Check-Ins are unintentional.

Please notify via email to: webmaster@k9bar.org for any corrections.