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Weekly Information & Traffic Net Script


Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society

Thursday Night Net Script

5 Minutes before the net:  Attention all Amateur Radio Operators, the K9BAR Thursday Night Net will begin in five minutes.  (repeat twice)

Attention all Amateur operators this is the Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society Thursday Night Net.  My name is _____ and my call is _____. I’m operating out of _____, Illinois.  This Net is held every Thursday at 8PM on the K9BAR repeater System, the 2 meter repeater 147.33+ Offset and a PL Tone (107.2) and the 440 repeater 443.525 + offset and a PL Tone of 114.8 these repeater are linked transmit and receive.

The purpose of this net is to relay information that is of interest to Amateur radio operators.  All Amateur operators are encouraged to participate in this net.

Now for the procedures of this net...

Please do not break into the net without direction from the net control.  If you do have an emergency during the net please state your emergency and give me your call sign.  The frequency will be turned over to you for the duration of the emergency.

When checking in please use the hesitation method, process as follows.  Say your call sign release the key on your microphone and wait till I come back to you.  When I give you the go ahead give me your call sign phonetically, your name and your location.  Let me know if you have any traffic as well.  Then stand by for me to acknowledge you before doing anything with the net.

I will now stand-by for anyone that has an emergency or priority traffic.   I repeat I will only take emergency or priority traffic at this time.

Ok, nothing heard I will start with short time, mobile or low power  check-ins first.

(Note: after short time slows down move on)

Ok, BARS Officers or Board members please check in.

(Note: after Officers& Board are done move on)

            Do we have any echolink check in’s??

(Note: if none, move on)

Ok, anyone that would like to check-in anywhere in the alphabet A-Z please call now.

You can split this up if you choose, A-F,G-S, T-Z for example

(Note: after the check-ins slow down go back to anyone with traffic, give out the information about the Repeaters, Nets, VE Testing, and Meeting information.  I always try to add some of the ARRL letter of the week.  This comes out every Thursday afternoon.  Works great for time filler to try to get as close to 8:30pm as possible for the Skywarn Net.


Repeater information

BARS uses several repeaters in the area:

K9BAR has four repeaters in the area, the 220 repeater which is 224.540- Offset with a PL tone 110.9. We also have a DMR 440 repeater is 443.700+ Offset with a PL tone 114.8, See the club website www.K9BAR.org for the timeslot and more information about the DMR repeater, and the linked ones we are on now 147.330+ Offset with a PL of 107.2, and the 440 repeater 443.525 + and a PL tone of 114.8.   All of the repeaters are open repeaters with emergency power if needed.



Bars have some different nets:

On Wednesday nights about 8:30pm on our 220 repeater we have a 220 roundtable rag chew. Dust off your old 220 equipment, fire up your equipment or use your HT to join us.  You never know what the topic of discussion will be.  Join us as we strive to keep 220 alive.

 On Thursday night at 8:00pm we have our Weekly information net on this repeater.  Immediately following this net we have our Northern Will County/ Southern DuPage County Skywarn net.  If you are interested in weather, this net is for you.

On Friday nights at 8:00pm on this repeater, we have our Slow Scan TV net.  We currently use Easy Pal.  Come join us as we share pictures.  You can share or just sit back and watch.  All are welcome.

We are currently looking for more net controls operations for our nets.  If you are interested in being a net control operator for one or more of the club nets you can contact Scott- KC9UTC@arrl.net.  In the subject line write net control so they pay attention to your email.   Being a net control only takes about 30 minutes a week.  The more we have the easier it is one everyone.


BARS Meeting information

BARS meets every third Monday of each month.  The meeting is held at the Fire station #5 in Bolingbrook.  The station is located at 1900 Rodeo Drive just off Weber Road.  Meeting time is at 7:30 PM.

For more information visit our website which is www.K9BAR.org.


VE Testing Information

BARS has VE testing at all BARS meetings on the third Monday of each month at 6:00PM at our regular meeting. The testing starts promptly at 6:00PM. Advanced registration is required.  Please preregister for testing to allow us time to schedule VE’s for your session. You do not have to be a club member to test.  It is open to anyone looking to test for a license.  More information is available on our club website: www.K9BAR.org.  

For all VE Test sessions you need to bring the following things:

  • Bring a photo ID so they can verify who you are
  • The cost for taking the test is $15.  If you bring exact change it would be a great help.
  • If upgrading your license, bring a signed copy of your current license.
  • Bring copies of any CSCE’s you may have.


Face Book

Bars has a Facebook page for those that are on Facebook.  You can find us by putting Bolingbrook Amateur Radio in the search site for Facebook and liking our page.  There is also a link to our page on the K9BAR webpage.  Club information and pictures are posted on the Web page.


Yahoo Group

Bars has a Yahoo group for those that use Yahoo.  This is a moderated group.  So come join us on Yahoo.  Weekly and monthly reminders are sent out from this group.

Are there any late check in’s????  Please call now.


Closing down the Net

(After any late check ins you will need to close down the net)

I would like to thank all those that checked into the net tonight we had _______ check-ins tonight.  I would like to thank Mayor Roger Claar and the Village of Bolingbrook, the owners and trustees of the K9BAR repeater system that make this all possible.  I hope to hear from you again next week at this time for our Thursday night net which starts at 8PM.  If you have any questions about this net you can contact Scott at KC9UTC@ARRL.net .  Please stand by for the Northern Will County/ Southern Dupage County Skywarn Net that starts about 8:30.

Have a great week till then, 73’s this is Your Call Sign returning the repeater back to its amateur use.


(script updated on September 25,2017)


Weekly Information & Traffic Net  Log Sheet

 The following is an example of a Weekly Net Log Sheet - you can highlight, copy, paste it into a word docuemnt.


Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society – Weekly Information & Traffic Net

– Log Sheet –

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