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BARS Meeting Presentations; 

The Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society does a monthly meeting presentation on various interesting Ham Radio related topics.  These presentations are held immediately following our regularly scheduled Membership Meeeting which is on the 3rd Monday of the Month.  Meeting is open to the public, anyone interested is welcome to attend.  


Upcomeing Meeting Presentations:  


Monday - Nov 19, 2018   –  ARES & SkyWarn Presentation
     Presented by:  Debbie Gray, WX9VOR   


Monday - Dec 17, 2018  –   BARS Holiday Party                   


Monday - Jan 21, 2019  –   How to be a Net Control Operator
    Presented by:  Todd Fonfara,  KC9UWV



Monday - Feb 18, 2019  –   TBD                  


 If you have something you would like to present at a meeting - Let us know.


The BARS Monthly Meeting Presentations are for you to learn and enjoy!   If there is a topic you would like to see presented on, or f you have an interest about an particular area of Amateur Radio and would like to do a brief presetion, please let us know.   If you are interested in a certian area of Ham Radio, no doubt others are too.

Please Contact:  Webmaster@k9bar.org