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     - ATTENTION -

-  * NEW *  - SEMI-WEEKLY / ADDED: Tuesday Nights -  

BARS Semi-Weekly Zoom Social Events 

 - Tuesday & Friday Nights - Drop-In Zoom Socials -
@  8:00 PM  Central Time 

Started:  Friday, April 10, 2020
BARS * New * Semi-Weekly 
"Tuesday & Friday Nights Drop-In" Social 
Gatherings on Zoom.
at 8:00 PMCentral Time. 

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These days we are all are trying to stay connected with people - Separated Together.  Keeping this in mind, the BARS Board decided to start an *NEW* - Semi-Weekly Social Events for BARS members to use, enjoy and to Stay Connected to each other with.  While still maintaining the current Social Distancing and the Stay Home to Shelter-in-Place regulations - by connecting to one (or both) of our Semi-Weekly "Tuesday & Friday Nights - Drop-In" Zoom Socials.   A FACE-to-FACE Get-Together - TWICE a WEEK - on ZOOM!

The recently announced  Friday Night Zoom Social is such a big success, and as a result to feedback from many of our BARS Members, we are ADDING a second night social to the calendar for - TUESDAY NIGHTS!    

These new social gathering events will be held on Zoom (more about Zoom below), instead of our repeater.  The "Tuesday & Friday Nights - Drop-In" Zoom Socials begins at 8:00 PM, immediately following our recently added "Daily Anti-Viral Net". 

The "Daily Anti-Viral Net" starts at 7:00 PM on Friday Nights (ONLY). Normally the "Daily Anti-Viral Net" starts at 7:30 PM on every other night of the week.  The reason for the earlier start time on Friday Nights is because of the BARS EasyPal "SSTV Net".  Also held on Friday Nights on the BARS 2m/440 Repeater at 8:00 PM.  Anyone on the SSTV Net is welcome to join us on Zoom, if they would like.  Maybe someone on Zoom will decode the SSTV net pictures and share them with us on Zoom.


What is Zoom
Perhaps you have heard about Zoom and even would like to try it.  Well, here's your chance to get more familiar with the Zoom application software. 
Zoomwww.zoom.us/ ) is an online platform used for hosting live meetings.  The Zoom application software uses the camera and microphone on your device (Phone, Tablet, iPad, Laptop / Desktop Computer) to connect and communicate.  Zoom enables you to see and hear the other participants as well as you can also share data content


What do I need to use Zoom
First - As you may have already expected, you will need to Download the Zoom Application Software and install it on your Phone, Tablet, or Laptop / Desktop Computer device.  If possible please do this ahead of time, and allow a few extra minutes of time to familiarize yourself with Zoom before joining the meeting.  Regardless of your device, as long as you have a working Camera and Microphone, you can be seen and heard on Zoom. 


If you are an Active BARS Member, you should have already received an email from the BARS Secretary: Rob Sobkoviak, K9NYO - with the Subject Line: "[BARS Membership] Friday Night BARS Social after the Anti-Viral Net". 

Within this email is some important information - you can use either:

      1. The 
Zoom Meeting ID number information. 
      2. The Zoom Meeting ID Link to the Meeting itself. 

Which is 
needed to access both the Tuesday & Friday Nights - Drop-In Zoom Socials
You can either click the link, or open Zoom then type in the Zoom Meeting ID number. 

Remember, this Zoom Meeting ID it will remain the SAME for ALL of the Tuesday & Friday Nights - Drop-In Zoom Socials, keep the email and Zoom Meeting ID information handy.

Come Join us at our Semi-Weekly Socials on ZOOM !

Zoom Graphic

Semi-Weekly  Tuesday & Friday Nights - Drop-In Zoom Socials 

on  www.Zoom.us  at 8:00 PM Central Time

 + Zoom Meeting ID # 
  The Zoom Meeting ID - is sent out via BARS Membership Email

If you are an Active BARS Member (dues paid), and have NOT YET received this Tuesday & Friday Nights Social email (above) - Please - First - Check your email Spam and Junk folders to be sure the email didn't get sent there inadvertently.  Second - Contact BARS Secretary: Rob Sobkoviak, K9NYO via email at:  K9NYO@arrl.net  or rjsobkoviak@gmail.com - and explain you are an active BARS member, but you have NOT received the BARS Membership Email with the BARS Tuesday & Friday Nights - Drop-In Zoom Socials Meeting ID information in it.  

Please Note: If you did not receive the email - There might be an issue with your BARS Membership status, or an issue where you need to be added to the BARS Active Members email distribution list.  In either case, we need to investigate the situation.

Also Note: If you are currently NOT a BARS Member, but would like to be, or would like to participate in the Tuesday & Friday Nights - Drop-In Zoom Socials - Please let us know that as well. 

Between all the popularity of the recently added Anti-Viral Net, combined with all of this Stay Home Shelter in Place Isolation we are currently all experiencing, along with the recent success of the BARS Board Meeting on Zoom - the BARS Board  wants to offer the opportunity to the Membership to see and hear one another (virtually face to face).  As a means to share our common experiences, list any needs we may have, and maybe even share some humor in what we are all enduring.  We will Get Through This Together.  Separated Together. 

- BARS Board 

The BARS Board would like to give a big Thank You to the NIARTT (Northern IL Amateur Radio Training & Testing) Team for letting BARS use the NIARTT Zoom Account.  Which was also used during 2019 in conjunction with the NIARTT, Ham license training courses.   

NIARTT - www.niartt.org - email: niartt.73@gmail.com 

Stay Safe - Stay Calm - Stay Home & Carry On! 
- Take a Breath - 
We can get through this by being Seperated Together.


See you on Zoom !  

Please notify via email to: webmaster@k9bar.org for any corrections.