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BARS Annual Holiday Dinner Party

Special Events
Date: Monday, December 16, 2019 06:30 PM

Venue: Bolingbrook Golf Club  |  City: Bolingbrook, United States

 2019 BARS - HOLIDAY Party

Monday - December 16, 2018 - 6:30 pm

At the Bolingbrook Golf Club 2001 Rodeo Dr., Bolingbrook, IL 60490


There is no requirement to be a BARS Member in order to Attend!! 
All we require is the desire to spend a great evening among Friends in our Amateur Radio Community.

The Bolingbrook Golf Club is located at 2001 Rodeo Dr., Bolingbrook, IL 60490.
The Golf Club is across the street and a little west from BARS Home at Fire Station #5.  

Please make your reservations early to be assured seating. 

Dinner cost is: $35. per person
Entree choices: Steak, Chicken or Salmon

Come join us as we present our annual awards to some important people: (mabye you)
"Ham of the Year"
The Ham of the Year Award is presented to an individual who has stood out and helped the hobby.

"Service Award"
The Service Award is presented to an individual for an outstanding effort in the BARS Public Service events.

"Achievement Award"
The Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the hobby and the club.

"Special Recognition Award"
The Special Recognition Award is presented to an individual that deserve special recognition for something they have done.

For more information go to:  BARS Holiday Christmas Party

Ryan - W9UEY, our President is the coordinator for this year's event. 
Ryan - W9UEY, can be reached by email at:  President@k9bar.org

Purchase your dinner reservations here with PayPal ! 

Number of reservations

The BARS Officers are looking forward to seeing you this Holiday Season!


2001 Rodeo Dr, Bolingbrook, IL 60490
United States




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